Posted by: kdeversblog | August 27, 2017

Fran’s birthday

It was so nice to have Elli here for Fran’s birthday. It was a quiet celebration and that pleased all three of us. It was nice to have a simple salmon dinner and sip French champagne while we caught up with our news. Elli and I had fun shopping at Olive & Vine in St. Johns for a Moroccan themed collection of goodies Fran can use to make the dishes she tasted while in Morocco.

Fran loved Elli’s gifts and I’m hoping to get an invitation to dinner when she makes her Moroccan dish. I had been planning and working on her gifts for the past month. I bought a top and Capri stretchies from Dharma Trading company online. I dyed them a pretty light grey and used a lapis blue to tie dye the top.

Then I decided I would make a long necklace to go with the outfit. Friday night I went to Beading Happy Hour at Belladonna Beads with Elli. I made Fran’s necklace and Elli make a pretty shell necklace that matches one of her favorite color combinations.

Sitting outside in the evening enjoying the cooler temps and one another made for a sweet time together. Macky and Maxine kept us company as well. I’m so grateful to be near my daughters and I cherish any bit of time we can spend together. Happy, happy birthday dear Fran!

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