Posted by: kdeversblog | September 6, 2017

Leaving the smoke behind

The fires raging in Oregon have brought ash floating in the air and settling on everything. The air is white and many people are wearing breathing masks, including the mail carriers and anyone who works outside. The sun, when we see it is an angry smear in the sky.

I put out fresh water for the neighborhood cat that likes to visit. It probably didn’t take long for it to get coated with fire debris.

Maxine and Macky seem to be wondering what’s happening. I’ve tried to keep to my regular habits as much as possible. Macky must have had a case of sympathetic travel nervousness. During the night he vomited and of course I stepped on it this morning. Just a reminder of doggy love!

It’s amazing how complicated it is to fly now, especially overseas. But finally the day of departure has arrived. I’m packed with bags the right size and under the weight limit.

The one peach I was saving to eat today tasted lovely but my own case of nerves prevented me from eating it so I gave it to Marie. I was able to eat one last strawberry, though, after washing off the ash!

It was so nice to have dinner with Fran and Josh last night. We looked at the map of France and traced my route from Paris to Marseille by way of the Loire valley, the Dordogne, and Provence. 25 days on my Excellent French Adventure with my friend John Hollister. A couple hours and I’ll be onboard Delta and the fun begins!

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