Process and Product

Writing is such sweet sorrow. There are times when the only way to work through my feelings and understand my experiences is to write about whatever it is that is troubling me. The writing process becomes a compulsion, a passion, a need, and it is often difficult. But after struggling through the tunnel of my own personal mysteries, trying to find the right words, I find peace. Even though, even after years, I find myself going back and doing a bit of “touch up” by changing a word or two, deleting something, or even just changing the spacing. It may never end, this desire for verity and just rightness. So I have come to appreciate the organic qualities of the process and the product.

Personal Essays

I’ll include a variety of essays in this section. They are not related to business or academia, they are personal. Perhaps you will find a familiar thread that connects to your own experiences. I hope so, that would be nice indeed.

This essays is a Remembrance of David Dix. Click on the link and it will take you to the essay page.

I have had several dogs in my life and each one has been very precious. Here’s an essay about a little Shitz-poo named MacGregor, called Macky’s Gift.

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