I never intentionally ate dirt as a child, I know some kids do, but I do love digging in it. After the chilly, wet winters we experience in the Pacific Northwest, it is a delight to get outside in the garden. I have raised beds and grow lots of veggies.

This year I’m fostering bees and they have added another layer of pleasure to my gardening experience. There are many of us in the North Portland area that have a hive or two in our yard. These lovely creatures help pollinate 60% of the food we eat. My bee girls are a calm bunch. They wake up to morning sun, fly up into a radius of a mile and a half gathering nectar, and enjoy shade in the afternoon. I have a water feature for them that includes stones so they can stand on them while they get a drink. Apparently bee are very good at drowning so they need something steady to stand on.

Here’s a link to a really good DVD that explores the reasons why so many bees are dying.

I’m also trying something different with my potatoes this year and they are loving their new arrangement. Here’s a post with photos of potatoes and bees please.

Here’s a link to my article about last year’s potatoes with a recipe for eggless potatoe salad.

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