I’ve lived in nine different states and Norway and I’ve visited many other states as well as six countries outside the US. I love to plan a trip, especially with family members. There is something so exciting about the moment when the car is packed, I know I’ve forgotten something, but I don’t care, and the trip has officially begun! Heading out of Dodge – yahoo! Recently my travels have been relatively short trips and within easy driving range. I actually like the idea of getting to know my immediate geographical area and the people who live here.

Would you like to pet an alpaca and have it nibble some kibble from your open palm? Go to Cascade Alpacas of Oregon. Check out this link to find out about my experiences there:

Last summer we went to Bend, OR. Here’s a link to that post – A Bend in the road.



  1. Karen, I am writing to you on behalf of my mom, Betty Moraghan. She asked me to try and locate you on the Internet and I was successful! She says she hopes you are thriving. How are Eleanor and Frannie? I am 80 now. John and I live in the same home you visited several times. Greetings for Christmas! Love, Betty. Their email is

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