Posted by: kdeversblog | August 26, 2017

Total solar eclipse August 2017

Rather than join the throngs of people traveling to be in the path of totality, Elli and I settled for “partiality” and were glad we did. I don’t enjoy throngs of any kind so our neighborhood location suited me perfectly.

We took our eclipse glasses and my dogs, Macky and Maxine and walked to the St. Johns Community Center. On the way we stopped and watched the moon take a bigger and bigger bite out of the sun. We had an extra pair of glasses and when we were close to the park we saw a young couple squinting at the sun. We gave them our glasses and assured them they were safe. They were thrilled to be able to watch the show.

It was amazing how much light we had even when there was only a tiny crescent of sun left uncovered. We noticed a change in the quality of the light, though and the temperature dropped a bit. The dogs were happy to sit with us and we found the perfect bench where we could keep watching in comfort.

Dogs are smart and of course they don’t stare at the sun! It was so much fun to be in the park and there were a lot of families there explaining the eclipse to their kids. It was relaxing and fun – no traffic and no throngs!

On the way home Elli pointed out that the eclipse was showing up on the sidewalk and street. The light filtered through the tree leaves and created little crescent suns. It was the same principle as a pinpoint camera. We could actually watch the progress of the eclipse as the sun moved across the sun by looking at the crescents on the pavement. It was a lovely finish to the experience to be walking through the eclipse under the trees.

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