Posted by: kdeversblog | September 24, 2019

Early morning walkabout and canoeing the Gardon river

Fran got up early and jogged but since I don’t jog, the next morning we walked together so explore a bit of St. Rémy closeup. You see things differently when walking, details show up that are missed when driving, especially on unfamiliar roads.

We left Place St. Marc and headed down the road, away from the center of town that was our usual route. I was impressed with the way trees are protected using logs and branches to form triangles or squares. One young oak tree was laden with acorns that undoubtedly pleased the birds.

There was an old house that looked like it would be perfect for Halloween. A waterfall was a surprise as it gushed fresh water. The sun through the plane trees was a familiar site that was always a delight.

Then we were off to find the canoe rental place near the Pont du Gard on the Gardon River. The water level varied and was so low in some places we had to get out and drag the canoe to a deeper spot. Actually I just did this once and Fran did it the rest of the times.

We stopped for a quick lunch near where horses and a donkey were grazing. It was more comfortable to eat in the canoe than the rocky shore. When the wind was not so strong and the water was high it was fantastic.

After a couple of hours of paddling we were feeling it in our arms but we had to keep going. We approached the Pont de Gard and were impressed with the structure spanning the river.

Some of the rocks weighed two to five tons and it was amazing to think the aqueduct brought 100 gallons of water per second to Nimes.

We paddled underneath the massive structure and made our way to the canoe meeting place 20 minutes away.

We were exhausted and happy and ready for the wine and snacks that awaited us back at the Airbnb.

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