Posted by: kdeversblog | September 16, 2019

At home in St. Rémy

After not not getting much sleep during our long flight across the US and the Atlantic Ocean, the layover in Amsterdam, and the two-hour flight to Marseille we were ready to be in St. Rémy. In order for that to happen we had to secure our rental car at the Marseille airport and drive an hour to our destination.

Fran and I had read a book describing how to drive in France. We were both a bit concerned about the different road signs and cautions outlined in the rather terrifying little book. But Fran rallied and Really perked up when she discovered that the posted speed on one of the roads was 90. More joy when drivers were directed to go 130 on the main highway.

Of course this was not MPH, it was kilometers but even so it was fast, as 130 in kilometers is 80 in miles. We do love the French!

The highway was free of traffic since this was around 5 pm on Saturday. We saw gorgeous outcroppings of sandy colored rocks and chiseled cliffs. Some had modern homes perched on the ridges. It reminded us of Southern California. Rugged olive trees clung to the rocky landscape, grayish green and stoic.

We arrived in St. Rémy after driving through several small towns and around countless roundabouts. The English-speaking car GPS was a flawless and patient guide. Lines of Plane trees on both sides of the roads formed graceful tunnels, filtering the evening light, their trunks and branches looking like creatures with soft, mottled skin.

We finally arrived at M&S B&B and it was so nice to see Marc and Sarah again. They are such warm and welcoming hosts. Lots of hugs and cheek kisses all around. We got situated in our upstairs room that is more like a suite, with a cozy balcony and newly built-in bathroom. They have a playful sense of design and the remodeled room includes modern designs and comforts as well as reclaimed wood and furniture. (I’ll post photos later.)

Walking a half block and a right turn took us down a side street with lots of small cafes. Across the street a pub was overflowing with patrons and lively music. Another turn next to a fountain and we were on the Main Street of St. Rémy. It was Saturday evening so restaurants were full inside and outside. Tables were set close together along the sidewalks, leaving narrow walkways. The diners didn’t seem to mind, even when potential dinners stopped to read the menus written on blackboards posted by the entrances.

We found a lovely place to enjoy some French comfort food. Ravioli with pesto and cheese for me and seafood risotto for Fran. It was a peaceful finish to the day. We walked home in the cool evening air, happy to be sharing the sights, smells, and food in this sweet French town.

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