Posted by: kdeversblog | September 15, 2019

Back in France September 2019

I’m taking a siesta my first afternoon in France after a two year hiatus. It feels so good to be back in St. Rémy de Provence and staying at the same B&B is like coming home. This visit my daughter Frances is with me and that makes this a very special mother daughter experience.

We had a clear view of Mt. Hood as we flew out of Oregon and took our first selfie on the plane. We look so fresh and wide awake. We won’t look this rested later after flying ten hours to Amsterdam, having a six hour layover in Amsterdam, and a two hour flight to Marseille. Not to mention picking up the rental car and driving to St. Rémy, but more on that in my next post.

This was my first time in Amsterdam but Fran has had layovers here many times. We took a break from the airport and taxied into a fun area with lots of shops and restaurants, near Chinatown.

We left Oregon in the afternoon and arrived in the early morning the next day. It was Saturday so we had fun watching the city wake up. Having a cappuccino and breakfast at a lovely cafe was yummy after so much airplane food.

The canals in Amsterdam are lovely and individualistic houseboats hug the edges. I’ve never seen so many bicycles and people of all ages pedal among the cars, on the streets, and the sidewalks. Beautifully preserved three-story buildings sport architectural details such as gargoyles, elaborate window frames, and hooks for levering belongings to the upper levels through the windows.

Walking through the area led us into many lovely shops and past mouth watering displays of pastries and desserts. One of them boasted the best cheesecake in the city. If we hadn’t been so full from our breakfast we would have given this a test.

We found a restful park to sit and listen to the fountain and birds before getting a taxi back to the Amsterdam airport.

The Amsterdam airport is huge, confusing, and extremely clean. Everything is very modern in design except for the bathrooms. Yes, they are clean and modern but there are only two stalls in the women’s bathroom. As a result there are long lines of women waiting to use the facility at every bathroom while the men’s has no lines.

I require a wheelchair since there is so much walking in large airports, especially for international flights. Having carryon baggage makes the chair a necessity as well. I have found that requesting this when booking my flights guarantees that the chair will be waiting for me with an attendant, when I exit the plane.

This was a new experience for Fran and she was initially skeptical, but when she saw how it expedited our passage through lines of people waiting at various points, she became a believer. We now refer the “magic chair” with great fondness!

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