Posted by: kdeversblog | September 18, 2017

The Pantheon in Paris

In Paris it seems there are as many motorcycles as cars. The bikes can zip between cars in the lanes and seem to be utterly fearless. I’m sure they all have smug smiles as they leave the cars languishing in traffic. Sometimes the cars seem to view the lane markings as suggestions and we saw a few close calls as cars start to drift from one lane to another. The bikes fill their own lengthy parking areas so closely spaced you could easily walk down the line from seat to seat.

Approaching the Pantheon we saw an example the this cozy line up.

The Pantheon is a gorgeous treasure located in the left bank near the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Inside the Pantheon the walls are covered with fresco paintings depicting the struggles of the French people through their history. Partial covers are hung above the paintings to filter the light and protect them during restoration.


The dome is carved and also painted with frescoes. The light through the windows creates soft shadows throughout the rotunda.

A Foucault pendulum swings back and forth and there are many lovely historical sculptures.

This New-Classical monument honors the French people and provides a burial place for many French VIPs including Voltaire, Rousseau, Alexander Dumas, and Victor Hugo. It is also the final resting place for Marie Curie, Louis Braille (inventor of the Braille language), and the hero of the French resistance, Jean Moulin.

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