Posted by: kdeversblog | September 11, 2017

Lush gardens, tiny boats, and pony rides

Le Jardin du Luxembourg, the garden at Luxembourg has it all. It’s the perfect place to take a leisurely stroll and marvel at the beautifully designed and well-kept garden spaces.

There is a nice breeze this day, but according to the signs it can be a virtual mistral . . . Hang onto your hat!

The plantings in the main area are lush and follow a pattern of repeated colors with taller accents of grasses and shrubs. The realistic statuary adds lovely focal points and sets off the green lawn within the garden space.

I was fascinated by the extremely large containers that held the small trees and the large cement planters overflowing geraniums. These huge items fit the large open space perfectly.

The garden also includes a large manmade pond where children launch tiny boats with long sticks. The breeze moves the plethora of boats around the pond.

Walking around the grounds we discovered a semi-hidden spot with a fountain and vines trained on tree branches. The leafy vines created huge loops strung out from tree to tree.

And there were adorable small ponies for the kids to ride. This reminded me of Elli and Fran at the Lake Serene Pony farm when they were young girls.

It was a lovely, peaceful day at the Jardin!


  1. How lovely, and the scale of the grounds is huge! I especially liked the photo of the hidden gazebo (or what would you call it?) with the vines hanging from tree to tree.

    • Thanks, Janet. It is an amazing place. Perfect for relaxing! I’m getting lots of ideas for changes I’d like to make in my gardens.

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