Posted by: kdeversblog | August 17, 2017

Back at my blog

After more than a year being away from my blog, I finally am stepping back into it. And in the meantime WordPress has made improvements including adding an app. So, I’ll be giving the new bells and whistles a try to see what works best for me.

A couple of weekends ago my daughters and I had one of our annual mother daughter adventures. We went to Centralia, Washington and stayed at a lovely Airbnb called Gathering Grace, actually in Chehalis the neighboring town. We cooked most of our meals there and ate on the open porch. The house cat called Gracie kept us company. An unnamed tiny green frog also peered at us before scrambling back to his hiding place.

The only downside in our stay was the lack of cooling in the rooms. We were experiencing horribly hot temps, spiking into the 100s and sleeping was uncomfortable. But we made the best of it and it was very special to have time to chat and explore the sister towns with Eleanore and Frances.

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