Posted by: kdeversblog | August 17, 2017

2017 summer family gathering

Thanks to the generosity of Maurice and Cheryl Willey we had an amazing family gathering in July 2017. Eleanore helped out with the communication and I’m sure it felt like “corralling cats.” But even so we all got together at the McMenamin’s in Centralia, Washington. There were two people missing from our gathering, the two Mary’s. Hopefully will see them both at the next family gathering whenever that is.

We had a sumptuous dinner Saturday night in the green room at the restaurant followed by birthday gifts for Maurice (age 70) and Nick (age 35). It’s fun to realize that when Maurice was 35 on the exact day of his birthday Nick was born so this was a momentous birthday. And it won’t happen again this exact spread of years.

The next morning everybody wandered down to the McMenamin’s and we joined together for a fabulous breakfast.

Maurice said a few words to express how touched he was that everyone was there and how much it meant to him and to Cheryl to see us all together. It was a wonderful time for all of us and it meant so much to each one of us. We are an amazing gathering of family, different from one another but sharing a sense that we belong together. We respect and love one another.

Later that morning Cheryl, Maurice, Fran and I went to the Rectangle gallery that is just across from the McMenamin’s. I love the gallery and the space provides a beautiful showcase for the lovely art it holds. My favorite painting was on display so I got to see it again. I can’t afford it it’s almost $1000 but I can take a look at this photograph and enjoy it that way.

I’m grateful to Maurice and Cheryl for their generosity, to Elli for keeping the communication flowing, and for the effort everyone made to join in the gathering. I look forward to many other opportunities. Hugs await!

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