Posted by: kdeversblog | August 12, 2012

Potatoes and bees please

My potatoes are going wild. . . .











. . . and the bees are happy.











They seem to like their water bath and the hive is in the shade.





















This is important since we’re having our hot August temps now – in the 90s. They are very calm bees and I love watching them.

I’m trying something different with the potatoes this year. I planted them in the raised bed and secured some plastic fencing around half of the bed using posts. Then I placed sheets of cardboard on the inside and added dirt as the plants grew. I thought the cardboard would be plenty tall enough but they just kept growing. So, I added more dirt and then decided to add a straw bale. Now I’m wondering if I should add more straw! I do seem to grow potatoes really well and I love them so this is really fun.

Here are some photos of how they look in early August – and they are still growing!




















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