Work sample: Office 2010

As a contract worker at Kaiser Permanente I had the opportunity to collaborate with a very talented graphic developer, Curtis Settino. We created a movie that was a marketing piece for the IT department. Our goal was to have a movie that employees could watch that would be informative about the new system as well as fun to watch.

Office 2010 part one

Office 2010 part one

The tone needed to be positive and upbeat without being too “cute” or condescending. The client was thrilled with the concept and we had a blast. I did the voice of the female computer character with a British accent (not my normal American accent) and Curtis gave the male character a voice.

We also designed and developed a movie for Windows 7 that includes music that Curtis wrote as well as sound effects. I’ll add that one when it is ready.

The Office 2010 segments don’t include music and sound effects and I’ll update that when the piece is done.

If you want a highly skilled graphic designer/musician/audio specialist you should contact Curtis Settino at He’s a joy to work with and you will get a highly polished product as a result.

Office 2010 Part two

Office 2010 Part two

<a href=””>01.10.2013-14.24.58</a>

<a href=””>01.09.2013-17.51.55</a>


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