Instructional Designer, Training Specialist, and Training Consultant



To work with a team of diverse professionals wherein I can utilize my creativity and critical thinking skills to consult, design, and/or deliver classroom and web-based training.



– Training that is fun will “stick” with learners.

– Using a variety of learning approaches engages people more fully.

– Training must be connected to business outcomes and goals.

– When the training is meaningful, learners will apply it to their work experience.

– Training cannot solve all business challenges but it can contribute to successful organization change.




Instructional Design, Training, and Consulting

– Quickly identify challenges and develop innovative and effective training solutions utilizing ADDIE and SAM.

– Clearly and thoroughly define the training needs of the clients.

– Consult effectively with Subject Matter Experts, sponsors, and reviewers.

– Integrate training with business goals.

– Develop blended learning.

– Organize and streamline complex ideas.

– Apply adult learning theories.

– Incorporate interactive learning through individual and group activities.

– Script videos; plan and direct photo shoots, voice-over and narration.

– Use popular formats such as graphic novels, cartoon styles, and games.

– Engage participants in small teams or large groups.

– Utilize SharePoint as a hub for training.




Contract Clients

2012 – Present                 KDi Asia, Singapore and Portland, OR. Graphic Designer and Book Format Consultant

2011 – Present                 KAISER PERMANENTE. Lake Oswego, OR. Senior Instructional Designer

1990 – Present                 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA, Grand Forks, ND. Web-based course developer and online instructor

2012                                   NORTHWEST ENERGY EFFICIENCY ALLIANCE (NEEA), Portland, OR. Training Strategy Consultant

2011                                    TEN FOUR, Portland, OR. Instructional Designer




FTE Positions

2006 – 2010                       BANFIELD, THE PET HOSPITAL, Instructional Systems Designer, corporate headquarters. Portland, OR

2004 – 2006                       JINDAL  TEXAS WORKS, Training Specialist and Communications Manager. Baytown, TX

1997 – 2002                       ALLIANT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, Assistant Professor and Teacher Credential, Program Coordinator, Irvine, CA




Graphics and Book Format Designer, KDi (International change management company based in Singapore) Book and workbook: Leading Sustainable Change by Nancy Harkrider, Ph.D. and Tan, Kim Leng, MBA.

  • Contract November, 2012, ongoing
  • Environment: Microsoft Office and Photoshop
  • Designed the book cover, the change facilitation model, and the interior graphics.
  • Consulted on the formatting and organizing the content of the book.
  • This book is the result of a collaboration between Nancy and Kim Leng that offers a unique East/West perspective on reframing, planning, implementing, and navigating organizational change. They worked together in Singapore (where Kim Leng resides) and their book brings together material for change management techniques that have been developed and used by KDi with great success for over a decade.
  • The project includes a book and a workbook will be available online, leaders can use both to facilitate and lead change in their organization.


Senior Instructional Designer, Kaiser Permanente. Lake Oswego, OR.

  • Contract 3/30/2011, ongoing
  • Environment: Microsoft Office, Windows, PowerPoint, Web Ex, Snagit, and CDS (in-house course builder software).
  • Developed a more efficient process for working with the SMEs and reviewers; approved and adopted by the Learning and Design Senior Manager.
  • Web Based Training (WBT) courses for various courses including Threat Management, Waste Management, and Offshore Vendor Management Office. Worked with SMEs to develop web-based training modules. Designed storyboards using Content Delivery System (CDS), project management, work with developers to design graphic illustrations and animations, write scripts for scenarios, conduct WebEx meetings for review of training content, and monitor project hours.
  • Developed facilitator and participant guides and PowerPoint presentation materials for Labor Management Partnership Orientation and Unit-Based Team Member classroom training. Worked with the SME, an internal client, contractors, and the learning team.
    • Project management: Oversee graphic developer, meet deadlines and budget requirements.
  • ID with team working on core WBT training on new online application for tracking SOW audits.
  • Wrote script, worked with graphic developer, videographer, sound specialist, two professional actors, directed, and acted in video for WBT course, Waste Management. The video was shot in a local hospital.
  • Designed a graphic novel approach to the Threat Management course, worked closely with the developer, communicated with high-level managers across the US.
  • Wrote dialogue, designed concept, took screen shots, worked with graphic designer, and sound specialist to create two marketing movies for IT department. I also did the voices of two different computer characters, one with a British accent.



Training Strategy Consultant, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), Portland, OR. (Contract)

  • Contract November, 2012 to present.
  • Environment: Microsoft Office, Windows, and PowerPoint
  • Consult with training manager and project administrators to create training design for organizational change.
  • 4-Hour classroom training: Working with SMEs to streamline complex technical information into basic training designed to unify staff within a single company vision and organize training content posted onto SharePoint site.
  • Create scoping documents and detailed work plans to meet tight deadlines.


Instructional Systems Designer, Banfield, The Pet Hospital, Central Team Support corporate headquarters. Portland, OR.

  • Environment: In-house Course Builder, Adobe Photoshop, PowerPoint, Articulate, Captivate, Live Meeting, SharePoint, games, activities, manuals, train-the-trainer handbooks, visual aids, demonstrations, role-playing, scripted video, Web-based and on-site training.
  • Instructional design for classroom and web-based training as well as webinars for 700+ hospitals and 10,000 associates nationwide.
  • Designed, developed, and delivered on-site and web-based instructor-led training for the new Management Development Process (MDP):
  • Wrote and compiled extensive training toolkit, graphics, and handouts for field leadership seminars/workshops. Managed training and communication material on SharePoint.
  • Developed and delivered on-site 1.5 day training for 140 field leaders to introduce the Management Development Process (MDP) program. Training included PowerPoint, individual activities, and table discussions.
  • Developed and delivered various year-long MDP training: webinars for line managers across the United States; on-site “Train the Trainers” for field trainers; on-site and distance Regional Vice Presidents team training; and on-site and conference calls with individual associates and line managers.
  • Intensive training of administrative assistants and support staff to facilitate managers’ success.

Results: Field Leaders from across the United States received training throughout the year to prepare them for the MDP process. They successfully completed the process as required.


  • Designed and developed testing and training handbooks for new Oracle Performance Management (OPM) system:
  • Designed testing handbooks and survey for field trainers to provide feedback for OPM; development and participated in the testing process with team members.
  • Designed three levels of OPM handbooks: associate, line manager, and line manager’s manager. Handbooks include detailed screen shots and step-by-step instructions.
  • Handbooks were uploaded onto SharePoint for associates and line managers.

Results: Inviting field trainers to test the process during development ensured training manuals met their needs. Providing manuals on SharePoint saved printing costs.


  • Designed and developed on-site training for multiple teams participating in the Gallup Associate Engagement Q12 survey:
  • Met with line managers to review survey results.
  • Training included PowerPoint, written materials, handouts, and posters.
  • On-site training for line managers: Introduction and Overview; Next Steps; How to Read a Scorecard; Impact Action Planning.
  • Conducted interviews of key managers to explore their experience and perspectives; available for associates on SharePoint.

Results: Providing training ahead of the required actions and addressing questions, prepared line managers for the survey and trained them on how to respond to associates’ concerns. Achieved an outstanding participation rate of 97%.


  • Designed and managed multiple team SharePoint work and customer sites:
  • Uploaded and maintained content.
  • Designed layout and created graphics for branding.
  • Collaborated with IT specialist to learn more about SharePoint and push our capabilities.
  • Used UX principles to design the site for greatest usability.

Results: Providing timely and complete information and training materials on SharePoint allowed associates and line managers to access materials at any time and saved on printing costs and time.


  • Graphic design support for various training and organizational development projects:
  • Developed handouts and training guide for new hire orientation; delivered orientation training.
  • Designed, developed, and delivered Train-the-Trainer instruction to field trainers and managers. Utilized games and activities to engage learners effectively. Created handbooks, games, and activities for trainers to use with their own teams.
  • Developed online training content: worked with subject matter experts, took photographs that were used in training materials at hospital sites in Oregon, Washington, and California.
  • Designed graphics and layout, wrote and compiled content for spiral notebooks, handouts, and posters as required.

Results: The Company saved money by not hiring an outside graphic artist. Communicating effectively with a wide variety of subject matter experts, from veterinarians to field personnel, enabled me to develop materials that were comprehensible to all levels of associates in the field. Working directly with different teams, training materials were targeted to their unique requirements.


  • Developmental Coaching:
  • Provided team and individual coaching for associates and line managers.
  • EQi Emotional Intelligence: Certified EQi Counselor. Coached veterinarians new to the company as part of their on-boarding process.
  • Met with associates and line managers to coach them using the Lominger “For Your Improvement” book and the Lominger “Leadership Architect Sort Cards.”

Results: EQi provided veterinarians with crucial information to use as they assumed a leadership role in their hospitals. The Lominger book and sort cards were important tools for associates to use in their development and for line managers to engage in team building.


Training and Communications Manager, Jindal Texas Works. Baytown, TX.

  • Environment: In-house training software, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, games, activities, manuals, handbooks, visual aids, demonstrations, scripted video, Classroom and on-site training.
  • Instructional design and managed three training locations in two steel manufacturing plants with 800 employees.
  • Engaged in needs analysis, developed an extensive training program, and collaborated with the director of HR, the Safety Manager, and EAP professional to develop and deliver courses.
  • Participated in successful ISO9001:2000, API Spec. Q1 Management Quality Overview; received Certificate of Completion for the Training Department.
  • Developed and implemented quality safety and health training programs that were bi-lingual Spanish and surpassed OSHA requirements for office and mill workers at all levels.
  • Implemented 76 new classes in safety, job proficiency, and cross-training and new hire orientation that improved safety training delivery, reduced accident frequency by 70%, and lowered the cost of injuries by $37,000 per month.
  • Created supervisor/manager training focused on team building and critical problem solving that resulted in customer concerns being address more efficiently and effectively.
  • Led remodeling and equipment purchase for training and human resource facility that streamlined production time and lowered machine repair costs through job specific training by outside vendors.
  • Edited company newsletter; designed the training calendar, fliers, and posters.
  • Collaborated with human resources to involve employees in company and community projects that improved morale, raised employee motivation, and meet production goals.




Course Developer and Instructor, University of North Dakota. Grand Forks, ND.

  • Began in 1990; ongoing.
  • Environment: Blackboard, Microsoft Office, Windows,  Adobe Photoshop, games, activities, manuals, visual aids, Web-based training
  • Develop and teach web-based, distance credit, and professional development courses for graduate and undergraduate programs (partial list):
    • Critical Thinking in the Classroom
    • Discover Your Strengths
    • Creative Intelligence and Culture
    • Social Foundations of Education
    • Issues and Trends in Education
    • Multicultural Education
    • Visual Thinking
    • Introduction to Fine Arts
    • Drawing with Black/White & Color
    • Introduction to the Visual Arts


Assistant Professor and Teacher Credential Program Coordinator, Alliant International University. Irvine, CA.

  • Environment: College Course builder, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, games, activities, manuals, visual aids, role-playing, Web-based, and classroom training.
  • Developed and taught web-based and campus credit courses for graduate and undergraduate programs (partial list):
  • Cross-cultural Competencies
  • Learning and Cognition
  • Critical Thinking
  • Education in a Global Context
  • Multicultural Education
  • Research Design
  • Designed program schedule
  • Interviewed prospective students
  • Managed student teacher supervisors
  • Designed student programs of study
  • Managed adjunct instructors
  • Conducted exit interviews
  • Coordinated the Teacher Credential Program:



Assistant Professor and University Liaison, University of North Dakota and Ostfold Academy, Moss, Norway, 1992. Cross-cultural program for American and Norwegian business students.


  • Taught course to American and Norwegian students.
  • Assisted with cultural events and activities at the Ostfold Academy.
  • Worked with Norwegian historical researcher to create a pastel drawing of the Academy as it looked when built. Currently on display.
  • International liaison for American students.



Ph. D.    University of North Dakota, Adult Education, Visual Arts Minor: Education Foundations, Multicultural Education, and Qualitative Research. Grand Forks, ND. 1998


M.F.A.    University of North Dakota, Visual Arts: Printmaking and Fibers. Grand Forks, ND. 1992

Graduate Internship: College of Fine Arts and Communication and North Dakota Museum of Art


B.F.A.     Moorhead State University, Visual Arts: Printmaking. Moorhead, MN. 1989

International Study: Moorhead State University and Glasgow School of Art, Scotland.



LinkedIn: Karen Devers





  • We Are Oregon
  • KBOO community radio station
  • Roosevelt High School theatre department volunteer
  • American Society of Training and Development ASTD national member
  • Toastmasters’ member
  • Sierra Club member
  • Humane Society of the United States member
  • Audubon Society of Portland, OR member
  • Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) The Crier: Art Editor and illustrator for regional magazine of the SCA and member
  • Banfield Charitable Trust grant review committee team lead
  • Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals (OFOSA) volunteer and dog foster home






Traffic Flow in the Treatment Area.

Qualitative study of team member interaction and process flow in six veterinary hospitals in central and southern California (2007).


Team Member Communication.

Qualitative study of team members in two veterinary hospitals in Portland, Oregon (2007).



My Scotland Adventure: Visiting the Drummond Castle and Beyond (2011). My Publisher. Narrative and photos recounting summer study program and travels in Scotland and England.


Awaken Your Holistic Brain: Getting Imagination and Logic to Work for You (2006). Imagine Art!

Textbook currently used for University of North Dakota Web-based course, Creative

Intelligence and Culture.


My Story: Blanche Elizabeth Welday Moores (2002). Narrative based on interviews and photographs.


Autobiography: Words and Images from Life: The creative works of nine North Dakota teenagers (1995). Marshall Field’s Dayton’s Hudson’s Community Giving Program, Grand Forks, ND.


Kringstad Family Legacy: Conversations with three generations of a Northern Plains Family (1995). Qualitative study and narrative based on interviews, observations, documentation, and photographs.


Presentations and Articles

  • online magazine articles focusing on small business, home and women-owned businesses in the community, ongoing.
  • Blog articles and content, ongoing.
  • Hasson Realtor, Lee McKnight: E-newsletter articles, 2010 – 2012, Portland, OR.
  • 21st International Conference: The Dimensions of Critical Thinking, 2001. San Francisco, Sonoma State University.
  • “Toward a Science of Consciousness, Tucson 2000” April, 2000.
  • The eighth annual meeting of the National Association of Multicultural Education, 1998.
  • Mid-winter State Counselors Conference, 1997.
  • The sixth annual National Association for Multicultural Education Conference, 1996.
  • Northern Rocky Mountain Educational Research Association, 14th annual conference, 1996.




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