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Karen Devers Art Studio on Etsy

White scout tank top











My Etsy site is now open for business!

Here’s the link:

Fran  modeled my new flowy racer-back tank tops for women and she and Josh both modeled the unisex T shirts. They took the photos as well. I’m so glad to have my Etsy site fully “stocked” and ready for everyone to see it. It’s a lot of work to get all the products (60 individual items) on the site with descriptions and all the other necessary info.

Orange Jumper tank topThe tank tops are in two different styles, Scout and Jumper. Both of them come in white, gray, taupe, green, and orange.I love to wear them because the fabric is very soft and comfy. I wore one over a black T shirt and that looked great as well.

Taupe Jumper










Gray Jumper Green Scout


Fran wore one of her Frawn necklaces when we shot photos of the white tank and it looks so great. I want to get more photos of her wearing her jewelry and the tanks. Her necklaces and earrings are a perfect fit for the style of the top.







Dark salmon


Dark grey


Josh and Fran both modeled the unisex T shirts and it was so much fun to see the different colors on them. They both have good summer tans so everything looked great but Fran and I especially liked the dark salmon color on Josh. He liked the dark gray color that had a bit of texture, same as the salmon shirt.






Light grey



Taupe front

I thought the neutral colors looked really good also. Fran modeled the light gray and tan and Josh modeled the taupe.







The images on the shirts are restored drawings that my dad did as a young man, surveying in the west and living the cowboy life in the 1930s. The prints are in rough shape and it is a meticulous job to restore them so they can be seen and enjoyed. I have cards, prints, and tote bags on the Etsy site that have many more images from his zinc plate etchings, also restored. I feel like he was watching over me while I was working. I’ll write more about my own artwork and include photos in the next post.











Here is the Etsy link:

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