Posted by: kdeversblog | July 6, 2011

Mississippi Avenue Fair

Come join the fun at the Mississippi Avenue Fair this Saturday, July  9th – all day!

I will have jewelry, purses, and cards for sale. Look for Devers with Frawn as we are sharing a display space.  We both have lots of lovely new items for sale.

Check out Fran’s jewelry at her blog

There will be lots of wonderful booths and activities at the fair – this is a BIG event!  Check out their website for details. See you there!

Other events that Frawn and I have attended have been a great way to meet folks and see how people respond to our pieces.

The most recent was the annual Mardi Gras celebration held at Orleans Candles in St. Johns. Great food, a live band, and gracious hosts Jonathan and Tanya!

It is so great living in St. Johns. The community is lively and we have so many shops owned and operated by young people. Orleans Candles is a welcoming shop and one of the best examples of how the community is evolving.

Last Thursday events on Alberta are always fun. So many people show up and it is so much fun to see everyone out enjoying the sunshine.

Hope to see you at the next event!


  1. This sounds like a fun time. Your new designs are do beautiful with all the metal elements. I hope others get as excited about them as I am 🙂

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